Endpoint Protector Appliance: Stop data theft on Windows and Mac

EasyLock 2 – Cross-platform portable data encryption solution from CoSoSys

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The biggest challenge of securing modern IT infrastructures is to protect networks that mix different platforms and operating systems. CoSoSys has always considered this challenge when releasing a new version of their endpoint security and data loss prevention solutions, making them available for Windows, Mac and Linux. The same holds true for the freshly released EasyLock version 2, the software developer’s portable data protection solution.

This enhanced new version offers full support for cross-platform data encryption between Windows, Mac OS X and Linux openSUSE and Ubuntu. EasyLock 2 comes with military-grade protection for data stored on USB flash drives and other portable storage devices through its 256bit AES encryption. It also allows cross platform mobility by enabling users to protect their files when in transit and to easily access them on different operating systems.  Read more

CoSoSys Releases Endpoint Protector 4 – New Device Control Hardware and Virtual Appliance

October 27th, 2011 by Agent Smith (0) Data Encryption,DLP,endpoint security,In The Spotlight

Endpoint security developer CoSoSys has released a new version of their data loss prevention, device control and endpoint security solution for Windows and Mac OS, Endpoint Protector. Offering enhanced protection, increased effectiveness and the fastest implementation time in its segment, the out-of-the-box Hardware and Virtual Appliance is now available for small, medium and large companies and organizations.


Coming with a long list of new features targeting better security, reliability, ease of use and better adapting to company structures and organization charts, Endpoint Protector 4 is designed to protect networks ranging from 20 computers (endpoints) to more than 5.000 endpoints.

Some of the top benefits of this latest Endpoint Protector solution are:

  • Seamless integration in business processes
  • Saving time and money when the solution is installed
  • Increased security through enhanced protection
  • Reducing allotted resources of the security staff
  • Optimum security through enhanced stability
  • Enhanced protection through complex, adaptable end efficient security
  • Reliable security through enhanced monitoring and policy control
To find out more about the Endpoint Protector 4 Hardware and Virtual Appliance and see the detailed list of features, visit the product page and the official press release.

Unified Threat Management Vendor Astaro Acquires CoSoSys

January 28th, 2011 by Agent Smith (0) Default

After a very successful year 2010 and many product launches and recognitions, CoSoSys announced it had been acquired by leading European Unified Threat Management vendor Astaro. Astaro plans to take over and keep both the product range of the Romanian company and their team.

The two companies will continue to develop CoSoSys’ existing range of endpoint and mobile data security solutions,and will also  collaborate on integrating CoSoSys’ device control, data loss prevention and endpoint security solution into Astaro’s Unified Threat Management solution, the Astaro Security Gateway, and on providing a level of overall security beyond any solution currently on the market. Read more

Endpoint Protector 2009 for Mac Introduces File Tracing for Portable Devices

October 13th, 2010 by Agent Smith (0) Data Theft & Loss,DLP,endpoint security,In The Spotlight

If you’re a Mac fan and also into device control, endpoint security or data loss prevention, you know there aren’t many solutions covering this specific area for Mac / Apple operating systems. One of the only solutions with a client dedicated to Mac is Endpoint Protector 2009, developed by CoSoSys. The Endpoint Protector 2009 Mac device control application has just been released in a new version, now including File Tracing for portable devices and offline temporary passwords.

The newly introduced features are designed to increase protection for business confidential data and to offer road warriors a way to stay active and productive when a permanent Internet connection is unavailable. Moreover, the carried data is kept safe from the common threats posted by improper usage of portable storage devices that often leads to severe security breaches. When enabled, the File Tracing feature logs all data and file related activity and stores it for later auditing. Each time an employee edits, deletes or renames a certain file originating from or subsequently copied to a portable device, his actions are recorded, along with his user credentials and the device specifications. Read more

How to Stop Conficker/Stuxnet in four easy steps – Advisory by CoSoSys

September 28th, 2010 by Agent Smith (1) endpoint security,In the News,Malware Infections

As some of you may know, the Stuxnet worm (and Conficker) has been running amok on both private and corporate networks. The malware spreading via USB devices is always the source of new threats. The latest development of Stuxnet exploits zero day vulnerabilities to target supervisory control firms and data acquisition (Scada) and other industrial systems. Such systems are being used to control pipelines’ pressure or motor work rates on industrial factory floors. Typical environments can be oil pipelines and power-plants, factories etc.

Endpoint Security and Device Control Solutions with low TCO and great ROI.

Conficker/Stuxnet detects platforms with Scada systems installed on and uses Windows vulnerabilities to gain access and spread through the network. In the light of current events and the continuous spread of the worm through USB ports and USB portable devices, endpoint security and data loss prevention solution developer CoSoSys has created a four-step strategy against Stuxnet that’s extremely easy to implement: Read more

CoSoSys offers enterprise level security via iPad and iPhone apps

August 5th, 2010 by Agent Smith (0) endpoint security,Identity Theft,In The Spotlight

Keeping your company or home computer network safe from day to day threats that could lead to data theft, data loss, identity theft or malware infections has never been easier. My Endpoint Protector, software as a service device control and data security solution developed by CoSoSys, is now offering an app version available for iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices through the iTunes store.

With a few touches, you can use the app’s centralized console to authorize new devices, monitor file transfers and access to sensitive data and block portable devices, making sure all common threats are kept at bay. In a world where the unsecured use of portable storageand lifestyle devices – smartphones, notebooks, USB sticks, digital cameras or extern HDDs – can lead to tremendous data breaches and severe losses for both companies and individuals, having a smart and effective app at your fingertips preventing it all is extremely important. Read more

My Endpoint Protector makes its way into Japan

May 27th, 2010 by Agent Smith (0) Data Theft & Loss,DLP,endpoint security,In the News

The in-the-cloud data loss prevention and endpoint security solution developed by CoSoSys has just been launched on the Japanese market by their local partner, Uptown Inc. For those new to the Security as a Service world of endpoint security, My Endpoint Protector is the world’s first software as a service application for device control and data loss prevention that helps companies manage internal and external threats effectively, thus dodging the overwhelming threats harbored by the broad use of portable storage devices and at the same time avoiding to put unnecessary pressure on IT departments and budgets.

My Endpoint Protector’ main benefits include:

  • Proactive protection against data loss, data theft, data leakage and malware infection by controlling the use of portable devices
  • Protection for Windows PCs (7 / Vista / XP) and Mac OS X
  • Effective device management and control by defining specific usage rights for both devices and employees accessing the network
  • Centralized Web-based interface for ease of management and reporting, plus real-time monitoring of devices
  • banner-sky.jpg Read more

License to hope – Protect your data and help marginalized children

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If you’re interested in protecting yourself against data theft, data leakage and other USB device related risks and would also like to help needy children, then you’re going to love the License to hope campaign! Powered by CoSoSys and the Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family, License to hope aims to create an education center with 50 properly equipped laptops and providing computer usage training to 150 marginalized children yearly.

Meet the children

To do so, CoSoSys will donate 50% from all revenue generated by Secure it Easy license sales. Secure it easy is an easy to install endpoint security software that helps protect notebooks and PCs in small and home offices as well as home users from portable storage device threats. You can use it to lock down USB Ports in seconds and control your PC’s endpoint devices. Read more

Happy Holidays!

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We wish you warm, joyful and safe holidays this year! All the best from the Endpoint Security Info team!


The first fully compatible Device Control solution for Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard

October 15th, 2009 by Agent Smith (0) DLP,endpoint security,In the News,In The Spotlight

Yes, folks it was bound to happen. Device Control, Data Loss Prevention and endpoint security applications were bound to conquer the new over-hyped platforms, Windows 7 and Snow Leopard. And the first one to reach this performance is the latest version of Endpoint Protector 2009, developed by CoSoSys, a leading developer of endpoint security and portable storage device applications. The new version has a clear purpose, one that is a must for all companies interested in security: allowing them to test and implement the most recent operating systems, while protecting them from common threats yielded by extreme data portability and mobility.

Endpoint Security and Device Control Solutions with low TCO and great ROI.

“Our goal is to keep companies safe while allowing them to test, implement and turn the latest breakthroughs in software and hardware platforms into a profitable advantage. Releasing a version for the Windows 7 operating system – which is currently one of the most hyped and critically appraised platforms – and for Mac OS X Snow Leopard is a natural step in our ongoing strive to adapt to as many IT environments as possible. It also complements our efforts of maintaining a high level of mobility and productivity for non-technical users by providing them with a continuously increasing range of controlled portable devices, from iPods, cameras and USB sticks to ExpressCard SDD and printers,” explains Roman Foeckl, CoSoSys CEO.

To test the new version of Endpoint Protector 2009, you can download the 30 days trial or check out the online demo at http://www.EndpointProtector.com.