Endpoint Protector Appliance: Stop data theft on Windows and Mac

About Us

March 29th, 2008 by Agent Smith (0)

The Endpoint Security Info blog is the best place to check out to keep up with the latest news and trends in this IT security segment. Our purpose is to bring you fresh insight on the good, the bad and the ugly of endpoint security, meaning that besides the latest trends and high end technology developments we’ll also bring all the risks and their consequences to your attention.

We started this blog as information on this topic is spread on numerous sites and sometimes really hard to find. The pieces of news are often bulk categorized with other security topics making it more difficult to stay informed without investing large amounts of time. We also aim at getting everyone acquainted to Endpoint Security, trying to best define its philosophy, concepts and practical uses.

To sum up, here’s a list with what you’ll find on Endpoint Security Info:

  • Latest Endpoint Security trends and products
  • Fresh news with our comments and own perspective
  • Concepts explained and put into context
  • Legal background and new acts being issued and enforced
  • Updates on international standards related to Endpoint Security
  • Constant reminders of real security risks and advice on how to overcome them

Who should read this?

Endpoint Security Info targets both business and consumers. Everyone should know what’s at stake when it comes to data loss or theft. Business owners and IT staff need to stay updated for two reasons: first, their constant need to improve security policies. Second, the fact that laws and standards are forcing those not taking security seriously to think twice. Consumers, or should we say home users, or freelancers, need to be able to protect themselves. They do happen to carry around sensitive data and they cannot always rely on others to protect it. If you take a look at some of our posts, you’ll see that those in charge of and paid to secure your private records often fail to do so.

We believe Endpoint Security is there to help you make the best out of mobility, portability and storage hardware while staying safe. That is why we are committed to help you achieve the highest level of security when it comes to your network (servers, PCs and Laptops alike), your thumb drives/USB flash drives, smart phone, iPod, iPhone and whatever other piece of hardware you use to carry data. Staying mobile and traveling light needs to become secure and we plan to show you just how to do that.