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Data privacy day 2013 – the perfect day to start protecting your personal data

Data Privacy Day is an initiative of the National Cyber Security Alliance started in 2008 in United States and Canada. Now it is celebrated also in Europe and its purpose is to raise awareness among Internet surfers, social media fans, online gamers, online shoppers…so pretty much all of those who use the Internet, about the importance of their personal information privacy.

We are big fans of data security, so we encourage you to do the following for at least one day OR starting from today:

1. Stop sharing so much personal information on your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. account. Hackers can use that information and you might find out one day your online identity is robbed, your passwords don’t match anymore, or even worse, your bank account is empty. Not to mention the creepy stalkers outside your house, who, of course, found out where you live from Facebook…

2. Change your passwords and do not assume that using the same  strong password on all your online accounts is enough. Use alphanumeric passwords, but not “pasword1234″.

3. Use a special  card for online transactions. There are options like disposable cards, or weekly withdrawal limits you can set with your bank.

4. Encrypt your data on USB sticks or other portable storage devices. Losing such a small device where you surely have important data is very frustrating. At least no one will be able to access your data once they find your USB stick.

5. Don’t forget about your mobile devices: smartphones and tablets. They need protection as much as your laptop or desktop does. Don’t download suspicious apps and use AdBlock software to avoid annoying popup ads that could also carry malware.

This is it from us, but the guys from National Cyber Security Alliance have more advices and you can find them on:

Their website StaySafeOnline.org
Twitter @DataPrivacyDay
Facebook DataPrivacyNCSA
Facebook event
where you can join a live-stream today, January 28, 2013


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