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How to steal the plans of the Elysée palace? On an USB stick!

This Sunday an incident of the most common happened at the Lyon train station in Paris: a thief disappeared an USB stick from a car. Nothing special here, this kind of things happen everyday!

What makes this incident so special is the info stored on the memory stick. The owner of the key is an entrepreneur involved in an installation of fiber optic at some important buildings in Paris. His USB stick contained the highly confidential plans of the Elysée palace, the Internal Affairs Ministry and the Paris Police. The worst is that the stick was not encrypted, so the thief has full access to all the documents!

The questions we need to ask now is: did the thief know beforehand what type of info was on the stick or did he steal that precise stick just by accident?

One Response to “How to steal the plans of the Elysée palace? On an USB stick!”

  1. Boudewijn Says:

    It doesn’t matter if the stick was stolen on purpose. The owner just lost full control over the data and will never regain control again.

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