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EU to Establish Cybercrime Centre

March 29th, 2012 by Agent Smith (0) Data Theft & Loss,Identity Theft,security breach

The European Union is planning to create and launch a European Cybercrime Centre by January 2013. The centre, a proposal of the European Commissions, will operate within Europol, the continent’s police agency and will deal with online banking fraud, attacks against smartphones and other large scale types of attacks which are directed against public services and infrastructure.
The European Cybercrime Centre will also handle other cybercrime related issues, such as the protection of social network profiles, stopping and preventing identity theft and fighting child exploitation on the internet. Although many local agencies and organizations are already dealing with these issues in one way or another, the EU want this anti-cybercrime centre to become and intelligence and coordination hub which will better direct local efforts.

“The centre would pool European cybercrime expertise and training efforts. It would warn EU countries of major cybercrime threats, of new ways to commit online crimes and identify organised cybercrime networks and prominent offenders in cyberspace,” read a EU statement. “The centre would also be able to respond to queries from cybercrime investigators, prosecutors and judges as well as the private sector on specific technical and forensic issues. It would provide operational support in concrete investigations and help set up cybercrime joint investigation teams.”

Photo by Peter Beug / Flickr

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