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Loss or theft of hardware, still important cause for data breaches in health sector

May 23rd, 2011 by Agent Smith (0) Data Theft & Loss,security breach

Although there are measures than can be taken to prevent data breaches caused by employees and to involve the personnel more into avoiding such occurrences, there are a lot of security mishaps caused by the loss, theft or misplacing of company hardware by staffers. Laptops, hard drives, USB stick  and other storage devices are being lost or stolen on a daily basis, exposing the private data of thousands of people to identity theft or fraud, and many of them occur in the health sector.

For example, a computer that may contain information on 20,000 Reid Hospital patients was stolen from a hospital employee home office at the beginning of last month.The computer contained some Medicaid and Medicare files for patients who received services between 1999 to 2008.

Also, the Alberta Health Services have recently been informed by Dr. R. Burnham and the Associates Medical Clinic in Lacombe that a portable hard drive, containing copies of about 1,000 Alberta Health Services’ Central Alberta Pain & Rehabilitation Institute (CAPRI) client records.was recently stolen. No evidence of that data being used has surfaced so far, but the threat is still very real.

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