Endpoint Protector Appliance: Stop data theft on Windows and Mac

Be careful with Flash Drives as a Gift. They might cause a malware infection!

Usually it is nice to receive gifts. But sometimes free is not what you want if it comes with a catch. As reported by the Sunday Times, the MI5 is warning executives of gifts received.


It warns that British executives are being targeted in China and in other countries. “During conferences or visits to Chinese companies you may be given gifts such as USB devices or cameras. There have been cases where these ‘gifts’ have contained Trojan devices and other types of malware.”

If such a prapared Flash Drives is connected to a PC without proper endpoint protection in place such es Endpoint Protector 2009, the Trojan will infect the PC and open a backdoor to the PC that will make remote data theft possible within seconds. Until the infection through a customized Trojan will occur through a standard anti-virus solution can take from minutes to weeks. The only protection is to pre-emptively lockdown the use of USB devices the network should not trust.

Read the entire story that sounds more like a Ian Fleming novel than a real life story.

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