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Laptop With Anheuser-Busch Employees’ Private Data Stolen

Global beverage company Anheuser-Busch has recently released information on the theft of a laptop containing private records of current and former employees. The theft took place in June at an office from the St. Louis area.

Tim Farrell, the company’s vice president for corporate human resources, quoted by DailyPress.com said Anheuser-Busch sent letters to an undisclosed number of employees and ex-employees letting them know what had happened. As the stolen laptop contained Social Security numbers, home addresses and marital status, the company also offered a year of free credit reporting. According to the same source, the private records stored on the stolen computer was password-protected and encrypted.

Potential Breach Affects 128,000 Saint Mary Patients and Clients

Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center has recently released information about a potential data breach involving one of its databases. The database in question was used Saint Mary’s health education classes and wellness programs contained private records of about 128,000 patients and clients.

The personal information contained details such as names and addresses, limited health information and some Social Security numbers. According to a statement made by Gary Aldax, marketing manager for Saint Mary’s and quoted by RGJ.com, the database did not contain medical records or credit card information.

“What happened was that an unauthorized person may have accessed the database,” Aldax said. “We’re currently working with Equifax, which is one of the three major credit agencies, to help handle this for us.

“In some cases, there were people who had their Social Security numbers (in the database) as well, so we’re sending different letters to people depending on their situation.”

Saint Mary’s has emailed all those potentially affected this month, warning them about the threats they might be exposed to.

Endpoint Security Strategies for SMBs

SMBs have specific requirements when it come to IT security in general and endpoint security in particular: they need comprehensive policies, high-end technology, all downsized at a larger scale and a fair price. They don’t need cheap and unreliable solutions, they just need the best there is, adjusted to their size.

If you’d like to know more about what the IT security market has to offer, what challenges arise from the current business environment, which are the real threats SMBs face, how to properly asses the costs of a security breach, how easy it is to lose data or have it stolen, read the latest white paper published by CoSoSys, Easy Guide to Comprehensive IT Security Strategies for SMBs – High-End Endpoint Security, Data Loss Prevention and Portable Device Management at a Reduced Scale.

Data Watchdog Warns of Poor Data Protection in UK Institutions

Data protection watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office has recently confirmed that it has served enforcement notices on two UKgovernmental institutions, HM Revenue and Customs and the Ministry of Defence.  The decision, made public in the Information Commissioner Richard Thomas’ annual report comes as a response to high profile data breaches occurring within the twe organizations.

According to IT Week, both departments will be compelled to provide progress reports detailing how they are improving data governance practices.

This piece of news comes shortly after the same office called for European data protection laws to be reformed to make them more business-friendly. The recommendation was made by the same Richard Thomas at the annual Privacy Laws and Business conference in Cambridge. Thomas said existing legislation was out-dated and increasingly ill-suited to the internet age.

Top Vendors Join Forces for IT Security

July 1st, 2008 by Agent Smith (0) endpoint security,In The Spotlight

Five major top vendors in the IT&C field, namely Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Juniper Networks and Intel, have joined to launch the Industry Consortium for Advancement of Security on the Internet (ICASI). ICASi is a dedicated IT security forum with the main goal of allowing co-operation between companies from all over the world in addressing security threats.

As Computing.co.uk pointed, ICASI will also provide a government-neutral approach to resolving global, multi-vendor security incidents.

“It is critical that the technology industry strengthen its ability to combat the ever-changing nature of the global cyber threat landscape,” said Malcolm Harkins, general manager of Intel’s information risk and security IT group.