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Ministers plunged into another data loss storm after NHS trusts admitted losing patients’ information

December 28th, 2007 by Robert (0) Default

Nine NHS trusts say they lost data on patients

Ministers were plunged into another data loss storm yesterday after nine NHS trusts admitted losing patients’ information.

Hundreds of thousands of people were thought to have been affected by the breaches of strict data protection rules by the health service.

But the Department of Health said it thought the lost data fiasco involved a total of 168,000 patients.

Critics said the disclosure raised fresh questions about the Government’s handling of confidential personal data and the future of a new centralised information technology system for the NHS.

It follows anger at the loss of child benefit claimants’ details by HM Revenue and Customs and those of three million learner drivers by a Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency contractor.

Police are still hunting two customs computer discs which went missing. Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly revealed motorists’ details were lost in Iowa.

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